Vacances À Mer

Artist(s): Label: | CRDS61 Style: , Format: 12"

Los Orioles, the already legendary Biel/Bienne- based, psyche-rock tropical sound group, has signed on with Creaked for their latest release, Vacances À Mer. The seven-piece Swiss band are known and loved for their inimitable blend of Latin rhythms, psychedelic rock, French lyrics and furiously rocking live shows, complete with transcendental dance routines.
With this new 4-track EP, Los Orioles expands their repertoire by moving into pop territory, bringing harmony, choir singing and african rhythms. Sung, rapped or declaimed lyrics wander in a endless reverb amidst a precious selection of grooves from around the world. It’s all infectious, blistering rock music, but all the while something is deliciously wrong here, making for what is sure to be one of the most intriguing releases of 2020.
Radiating contagious energy, Los Orioles is definitely a band to see.They capture and underscore the glorious mixture of culture and sound that makes both places so paradoxically unique and similar.


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