Microphonepet Remixed

Artist(s): Label: | CRDS14 Style: , , , Format: 12"

In the last few years, the marriage between Hip Hop and Electronica has definitely been a driving force in today’s musical landscape. With the re- lease of Mochipet’s last full length Microphone- pet we have seen him go in many new directions; Such as a spot on the latest NBA2k9 videogame along side acts such as Beastie Boys, N.E.R.D., and The Cool Kids, A successful European and US tour, with Asia to come, Appearances in various Movie Soundtracks, and a nomina- tion for The Best Electronic Act of 2008. There is no wonder a remix album was in the works. Stretching from across the globe Mochipet brings us remixes from Berlin’s Crunkmasters Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o, Chicago’s DJ C, Canada vs. Switzerland’s Starting Teeth, San Francisco Glitch Mobster Boreta, Robot Koch of Jahcoozi, and Baltimore’s own Spank Rock DJ Darko. But the highlight might be Fliami Vice, who was the remix contest winner from the UK. Top it off with an old school rendition by Mochipet and you can’t loose. With so many flavors in this remix pack, you won’t even need all that fashio- nable fancy colored clothes.


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