The Adventures Of Cosy Cosili

Artist(s): Label: | CRDS08 Style: , Format: 12"

The Adventures Of Cosy Cosili is the brand new release of Zürich/Swiss-based electronic/techno producer Philip Schmassmann as Cosili.

Cosili is no stanger to electronic scene, he previously released successful 12” on labels like Stattmusik, Motoguzzi to name a few, and is the owner of the notorious vinyl store Platform45 along with Dj and producer Serafin.

The music of Cosili is a unique mix of minimal techno and imaginative electronics music, and once again he makes the proof of it with this groundbreaking new release.

The Adventures Of Cosy Cosili is the sound- track of one of the most anticipated video game to be released next year: Snail In Peril. Musical- ly, you will find a rich pallets of influences, from Detroit techno, to minimal, to dancefloor oriented electronic and even to hip-hop influences, but always with Cosili’s very own touch and sound aesthetics wich gained him a solid reputation as one of the most promising producer in the electronic music game!

The whole packed and designed by Daniel Egli a great Zürich-based graphic designer.

About the video game Snail in peril:
Cosy cosili the snail lives happily with his ten cousins in the small town of Snailheaven, earning his money as a dj and spending lots of quality time with his relati- ves and friends. Once day Snailheaven suddenly gets attacked by evil-vinyl-aliens, who abduct cosy cosili’s ten cousins and dissapear with tem into musical stages (ranging from gabbaland to technocity, from grimetown to worldmusic world) are cosy cosili’s ten cousins, waiting to be rescued. It’s up to you to help cosy cosili along the way and guide him throught the perils that lie ahead.


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