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Founded in 2004 by Swiss/Lausanne-based producers/artists Christian Pahud and Guy Meldem release their debut EP for Creaked label. While Guy produced tracks for the Viking Music label under the name Jetta, Christian is better known as the drummer of instrumental rock band Honey for Petzi.

Packed with unstoppable energy and creative ideas, this EP is built up with sampled noises, guitar loops, imaginative atmospheres, flashy melodies, big catchy hooks, looped rythms, digital crackles, groovy beats, hybrid textu- res, various noises, heavy basslines, dynamic structures… and vocals by Guy and Christian, which adds a more pop and personal touch to the songs.

Done without any compromise, the music of Larytta takes inspiration from a wide range of sources whitout ever being reducible to a list of influences, and musically defies easy classifi- cation or lazy pigeonholing.

Putting together influences of underground elec- tronic and top selling chart-like pop hits, Larytta bring a solid, adventurous, infectious, punchy and timeless debut EP with a unique personality.

From the sick hybrid electronic/songwriting style of The Money, to the Alter Ego vs Justin Timberlake alike Just In Time, to the eurocrunk Zombie Teenage State,… this is an immensely rich and varied EP showcasing some of the most challenging electronic/pop music.


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