Highest Point

Title Highest Point
Label | CPDLTD005

After a potent release from the head chef himself, an artist that preferred his name not to be disclosed is adding up to the waters.

This record’s A side bursts with a line of head hitting kicks that travels on a carrousel of bass, drawing the full attention of an auditor. With such a tenacious beginning, we can sense that this experience goes in abrupt contrast with the previous cats in the catalogue and whilewe think about it, a row of washy hats is enhancing the piece, leading to an open space of motion. There is no anticipations of what comes next…

“Highest Point” left a lot of tension behind itself. With “Obscur” we get back to a more domesticated sound. Strings of bountiful bass lines set the passage for what’s coming next – precise drum sections that paint propulsive musical pictures. The evolution of this piece brings to our hearing a comforting reconstruction of a pipe organ.

The pressurised air goes out of the pipes and the ethereal realm being is meddled by stripes of vocal that reminds us of Debi Mae West. Combined, they morph into a rhythmichowl, inviting for a dance.

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