Cosmocities Records Vol.1

Title Cosmocities Records Vol.1
Label | CMSR001

Cosmocities Records presents their first triple LP compilation A trip through electronic world with rare and beautiful instrumental tracks. 500 copies . Vinyl only .

Welcome to the world Cosmocities Records, a new French label whose first release is an incredible, triple-vinyl collection of what it calls “rare and beautiful instrumental tracks”. It’s a rather eclectic set, all told, but thanks to immaculate track selection and programming it hangs together exceptionally well. Flick through the clips and you’ll find some next-level ambient bliss (Pepe), a crazy, flute-laden percussion workout (DJ Maboku), sunrise-ready dub techno (Segue), melodious ambient techno (Leif), Balearic space jazz (Jitwam), warm analogue deep house (Jaime Read) and a clutch of cuts that blur the boundaries between jazz-funk and broken beat. In other words, it’s a stylistically diverse collection of brilliant electronic music that you’ll want to listen to again and again.

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A1. Pépe – Church Music Pt.1 (To Susumu Yokota)A2. Leif – AnachronisticB1. 2814 – PillarB2. Segue – ParchmentC1. Eleventeen Eston – Panulirus CygnusC2. Sasso – Black Soldier (Film Score Flavour)C3. Dj Maboku – Instrumental PeD1. Jitwam – HeavensentD2. Unnayanaa – Chimmy's ThemeE1. Jaime Read – No ReliefE2. Cherushii – Far Away So CloseF1. Inner Science – End Of The BeginningF2. Juho Kahilainen – Untitled


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