Beats & Pieces To a Sacred Ritual Centre in Podil

Artist : Label : | CLO003 Styles : , , , Format : 12"

Third release of Clommunity – label run by Kyiv club ‘Closer’ Very intimate and very ‘Japanese’, not alike in any way – this is a work of a friend and Closer resident Yone-ko – a Japanese techno master who lives in Berlin. We would call it ‘stripped down music poetry’. EP has 3 melancholic but light-weight tracks + long super groovy and creepy tool track. Photos used to create the record cover were taken by Yone-ko at Closer club – a place which inspired him to produce some of the songs on this EP.


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#Track Title

A1. Ground Counter


A2. Bog Pop Dream


B1. Zukunft // NSTL


B2. Loop Of 1446

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