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You may have heard of The Waves once before, back in 2014, as a collaborative effort resulting in a band-tour and an EP released on Wolf+Lamb.
On this solo release, named after the Sanskrit word for ‘illusion‘ or ’deceit’, The Waves, aka Maayan Nidam, brings us closer to her world with an intimate body of work consisting of five songs and one finishing instrumental track.
On all five of the songs, the drum machines keep a steady groove as to give support to an array of guitars and synthesisers, all topped with The Waves own, mostly unmasked, lyrics and voice.
Producer, Maayan Nidam, is known for twenty years of consistency in developing and evolving her unique sound. One can easily recognise when Nidam is in control of the decks, performing live or when a production of hers is playing on a club soundsystem.
Her previous album on Perlon was awarded Best Albums for 2019, the same year Nidam founded the underground Techno imprint Hellium with a label residency at Berlin’s club Tresor.
This release, though in the works for some years, comes at a suitable moment as genre boundaries are being broken and personal expression in sound is at full effect.


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A1. I’m Still Here

The Waves


A2. Keep Praying

The Waves


A3. Today

The Waves


B1. It Hurts Me

The Waves


B2. Drive

The Waves


B3. Into You

The Waves

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