The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Special Extended Versions – Part One & Two Of Six

Title The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Special Extended Versions – Part One & Two Of Six
Label | CIRCUIT.T.LP-01
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Extended Versions Right on the heels of the esteemed Unofficial Edits & Overdub (2XCD) and Limited 7inch release-performed and Compiled by Joaquin Joe Claussell comes the first 2X 12” Vinyl set of the series. Listening to the many request for a vinyl release we wasted no time in bringing to you the first installment of a Six Part 12” Vinyl series . Inside of a Full Color 12” Jacket there are two precious pieces of 12” ecstasy The vinyl version contains extended edits and overdubs of seven compositions that were strategically chosen from the previously released 2XCD Cat # Circuit T.17778. ALSO INCLUDED IS A SPECIAL BONUS JAM THAT IS NOT INCLUDED ON THE CD, AS WELL AS HAS NO DIRECT AFFILIATION WITH THIS PROJECT. THERE ARE EIGHT COMPOSITIONS IN TOTAL, ALL OF THEM RECEIVING THE EDIT & OVERDUB TREATMENT BY JOAQUIN JOE CLAUSSELL As to be expected, musically speaking, the concept touches on many genres of music, which includes everything Funk Punk, Afro Disco, Rock, Polish Jazz Disco, Space Jazz, African etc. Judging on past enthusiasm and love for this series most if not all the copies produced might be pre-sold before the intended release date. Don’t Sleep on this…

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A1. Czesław Niemen – Zi Liste Do MA2. Fleetwood Mac – Keep On GoingB1. G.B. Experience – Disco ExtravaganzaB2. Bob & Pauline Wilson – With Love In Your EyesC1. Blue Magic – Lock Me UpC2. The Impossible Dreamers – Life On EathD1. Toto Guillaume – DibenaD2. Kintone – Song For Nelia


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