Caught In A Bubble

Title Caught In A Bubble
Label | CIAB001

Running and curating a label of his own makes perfect sense as a next chapter for one of the Dutch capitals most prolific artists. The label will serve as a platform for solo material by Boris, as well as collaborations with a myriad of befriended producers, vocalists and other musically likeminded spirits he has met over the years. Musically, expect the unexpected. Caught In A Bubble will be a creative outlet for sounds ranging from abstract, heady and trippy all the way to almost acoustically organic and groovy.

The first outing on the label serves as a perfect example of this ostensibly broad pallet of sounds and influences, becoming manifest in a cohesive yet surprising collection of tracks. The A side is featuring collaborations with Amsterdam cult figure San Proper & vocalist Gretz and another with the illustrious Funky Bunch. Meanwhile the flip sees Dutch minimalist maestro Ion Ludwig on remix duties. Turning Werner & Propers playful and groovy “CIAB” into the kind of strung out dance floor burner he is known and revered for the world over. Rounding out this already impressive collection of tracks with a solo effort is non-other than Werner himself with the aptly titled “Rhythm & Beat, Yes”.

A very promising first release on this new label by Boris Werner. The kind of music that makes us wanna move and groove from dusk till dawn, surrounded by likeminded souls. Surely you can think of worse bubbles to get caught in 🙂 Is it weekend already?

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A1. Caught In A Bubble (feat San Proper / Gretz)A2. I Like To Do The Beatbox (feat The Funky Bunch)B1. Caught In A Bubble (Ion Ludwigs Bubblehouse Remix)B2. Rhythm & Beat Yes?


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