Blue, Black And Grey

Artist(s): Label: | CHXIV03 Style: , , , Format: 2 x 12" Features: Screen Printed, Clear Blue Marble Vinyl

The third release of Chapelle XIV Music features Satoshi Tomiie under his moniker Sato, who takes us on a mindful journey with this 8-trackers double album. Between ambient, house, minimal, and dub techno, he unfolds his creative process to the fullest, experimenting with his hardware layers and paces with the finesse he is known for.

The sleeve visual was created by computer artist Julien Gachadoat using a custom software that translates the sound frequencies of the album into visible shapes. The original edition was printed with the pen plotter axidraw while the sleeves themselves were printed thanks to silkscreen printing at Atelier14.


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