Em Casa

Artist(s): Label: | CARPET06 Style: , Format: 12"

Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares returns with beguiling house from local favourite Luhk,
renowned for his live and dynamic modular workouts. Here we get three tight variations
on his elastic bumping house sound, plus a remix from fellow analog junkie Saudade.
Both ‘Jogar Em Casa’ and ‘Bom É Lá No Meio’ (previously a Record Store Day exclusive)
play with smokey jazz samples, the former’s laidback irony contrasting with the latter’s
jauntier groove. Percolating synths and a lean, mean bassline on ‘Reminiscência Do
Trance’ will seamlessly propel any afterparty into the late morning hours. Finally, Saudade
steers ‘Jogar Em Casa’ towards the fresh and organic live-feel of vintage Kalabrese.
Limited to 150 copies


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