Shark Tempo / Paranoia on Tap

ARTIST(S) Roza Terenzi | Sleep D
TITLE Shark Tempo / Paranoia on Tap
LABEL Butter Sessions | BSR020
STYLES Electro | Techno
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A. Shark Tempo – Sleep DB. Paranoia On Tap – Roza Terenzi


Sleep D & Roza Terenzi split sides and take control of next Butter Sessions 12″. Expect advanced electronics with a retro-futurist blend.

Label veterans Sleep D crank the dial to 11 and spit out a banging electro mutant that was concieved at Melbounre Electronic Sound Studio early in 2018. Vintage synths are imagined in a new light on ‘Shark Tempo’ and met with fast-paced klangin drums and a relentlessly hypnotic bass sequence.

Flip the disc to feel the bass bin shaking sounds of Melbourne via Perth transplant Roza Terenzi that has been making plenty of noise lately. Debuting on the label with a rude, zonked out rave house beast that is ‘Paranoia On Tap’. Heard first at her debut live set at Inner Varnika festival early in 2018.

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