Old Banger

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Artist(s): Label: | BROMBERT002 Style: Format: 12"

Dear friends, Can you imagine a rolling recording studio? This is exactly where recordings of Himbert´s „Old Banger EP“ took place. For his debut on Brombert Records he put all his gear into an old campervan. Footloose and fancy-free Himbert produced four tracks with dry and almost tangibly sound aesthetics, that take you on a trip into a world remote from commercialized rave and club culture. The EP kicks off with „C35“, a track driven by a gritty bassline that is counteracted by an euphoric chord pattern. This combination pushes into a thrilling atmosphere that keeps you in excitement all the time. „T3“ releases tension with a swirling bass and soft sound pads and sends you on a diving trip. „MB100“ comes in entirely different. This track is a mad rush! An absurd bass-engine and pointed dub echos force up ecstasy with every single loop. Last but not least, „J5“ shows yet another side of Himbert´s sound. With airy-fairy woodblock hits and an eerily beautiful synthline this one has an almost trance-touch and leads you into full contemplation.


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