Mad As Hell

Artist(s): Label: | BP008 Style: , , Format: 12"


Banoffee Pies Records release their 8th addition to the original imprint with 4 drum ridden tracks from Bristol local Gallegos with his debut solo EP, ‘Mad As Hell’. As the leaders pull us towards the abyss, behind the door through which we cannot see. Into a landscape we cannot predict. Inside the realm of those we cannot control. We shout from the rooftops. This is as ‘Mad As Hell’ and i’m not going to take it anymore. As the days and months roll on, the media repeats, the calendar clicks, and the unknown future drags itself ever closer, we question why we are here. Maybe after all it is time to move forward, the next destination, to find our ‘Beach Feet’. To swim against the current and paddle away. To find firmer ground. To ‘Be Who You Want To Be’. Tick tick goes the clock, pressure mounts. After all. Times are hard. ‘England Is A Bitch.’ BP x


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