Sinuous Gullies

Artist : Label : | BP002 Styles : , , , Format : 12"


Animistic Beliefs is a Rotterdam-based music duo that produces a lush and heavy tapestry of hypnotising electro sounds from their old drum computers and (modular) synthesizers. They are nominated for the Rotterdam Music Awards in the category “Most Promising Act 2017”! Also they played some nice live sets at festivals like AmsterdamDanceEvent or Modular Festival 2017 and now we are happy to release the debut of this creative duo on our Sublabel “Between Places”. The EP comes with 5 heavy, tuneful and hypnotising electro tracks you definitely have to hear!


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A1. Phycodurus Dragon

Animistic Beliefs


A2. Sinuous Gullies

Animistic Beliefs


B1. Marianentrog Patrol

Animistic Beliefs


B2. Aquatic Gas Exchange

Animistic Beliefs


B3. Thalassic Alarm (Linh’s Hymn)

Animistic Beliefs

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