Title Zipper
Label | BK017

Zipper is Zemi17’s second release on The Bunker New York, and sees him expanding his musical palette considerably, in which his gamelan-derived sound design pushes further out towards the expanses of techno’s realm.
Zipper is the product of years of work. “The tracks on this record began as field recordings taken from Indonesia — insect sounds, gamelan, found sounds,” says Kuffner. “Each of these tracks comes from a different stage of my music-writing process over the years. I eventually developed a kind of ‘sketch and improv’ technique, re-arranging groupings and arrangements of a series of elements. Zipper reflects a culmination of this technique, and in my opinion, it’s representative of some of my best work.”

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A1. ZipperA2. Trickles In The DarkB1. An Army Of CricketsB2. Remission


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