The Casual Mystic

Title The Casual Mystic
Label | BK005

Diverse 3 track EP from NYC’s Ulysses… more sounds that define Bunker NY….TIP!
the label say” When it comes to new music from Ulysses, you never know what you’re going to get. His career has spanned genres from Techno and House to Experimental and Disco, with every release delivering an exciting musical surprise.

An essential pioneer of the late-’90s electro scene in New York, Ulysses threw some of the earliest large-scale electro parties with legends such as Alexander Robotnick and Arthur Baker, as well as stars like I-f, Adult, and Miss Kitten and the Hacker. Over the span of his eclectic discography, this Brooklyn-based DJ and music producer
has collaborated with Thugfucker’s Holmar Filipsson as Filipsson & Ulysses as well as with John Selway in the prolific Neurotic Drum Band.

His release schedule has slowed a bit in the past few years as he’s raised a family, but a visit to his basement studio to check out his archive of unreleased tracks proved that he has been very busy producing new work. These three tacks are our favorites of the bunch. This is fantastic music that speaks for itself, but Ulysses submitted three questions for this one sheet:

Would you trust a guru in sweatpants
What nobleman dares to sit on a throne of bubbles
Is this the theme of the Arctic”

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A. The Casual MysticB1. Throne Of BubblesB2. Nanook


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