Pressure Chant

Title Pressure Chant
Label | BK004
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retro-ist techno sounds ringing with dub…
the label say” Løt.te is Mehmet Irdel, a Turkish-born artist who has been a friend of The Bunker for a
long time. He’s currently based in Brooklyn, where he co-runs Rote Productions, a company that releases music, graphic works, video compositions, and photography,
and takes a strong stance against the concept of intellectual property.
Irdel’s early work consisted of soundscapes, noise, and power electronics.

Now, he’strying his hand at techno, with incredible results. The music of Løt.te is far more intricate than the looser, darker work he’s known for under Rote Productions. The Løt.te project favors a more natural, analog feel; Irdel was disillusioned with the
recognizably digital sound of computers and software that’s so prevalent in current electronic music.
We were deeply struck by the first two tracks he sent us, and decided to just roll with them, so that’s what you get here. ‘Pressure Chant’ has immense energy and a
Surgeon-like shuffle that is just begging to be deployed for dancefloor use. On the flip side, “Private Transgressions” juxtaposes a dark, cinematic mood with a dubby bassline and synth stabs.

Irdel is also a prolific visual artist and designer, in addition to his work as a producer; he creates most of the graphic design and artwork for Rote Productions, and his art inspires his music.

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A. Pressure ChantB. Private Transgressions


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