Construction Tools Vol I, II & III

Title Construction Tools Vol I, II & III
Label | BERGAMON10

For the tenth release of the monument serie, BERG AUDIO gathers some of the label’s key artists as well as new signings for another massive compilation entitled ‘Construction Tools’ – Artwork by Juli Jah. WHITE VINYL – 3×12” – VERY LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION !

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A1. Io (Mulen) – At SeveteenA2. Chris Stussy – BetasonixB1. Pavel Iudin – ResearchB2. Andre Kronert – RevelationC1. Djoko – LazarusC2. Priku – MonotonD1. Traumer – CitronD2. Mihai Popoviciu – Mount GnomE1. Per Hammar & Malin Genie – Central DubbE2. Silverlining – DouseF1. Nikita Sisov & Gus Dee – Dont Forget Da SlipperzF2. Havantepe – Momentary


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