The Possessor Possesses Nothing

Title The Possessor Possesses Nothing
Label | BDNLP005

Since the start of this decade Xosar has toured the houses of Rush Hour, Pinkman, and Black Opal before arriving with Bedouin Records. She clearly feels comfortable in her new home to test out a more abrasive and even apocalyptic sound, resulting in some mighty highlights between her EBM girder ‘Heavens Gate’, the epic synth themes of ‘Transmogrification’ and ‘The Video’, and the wind tunnel disco drag of ‘Fantasmagoria’ and ‘Vibration Acceleration’, or the virulent writhe and hardcore pressure of ‘Pikachu Police State’.

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A1. TransmogrificationA2. A Heart Encircled By A SerpentB1. FantasmagoriaB2. Vibration AccelerationB3. Pikachu Police StateC1. The Possessor Possesses NothingC2. Heavens GateD1. Realm Ov ChaosD2. The Video


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