Building Bridges

Title Building Bridges
Label | AUSLP010
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Move D ‘s ‘Building Bridges’ is David Moufang’s latest studio album. Close friends and long time collaborators, Thomas Fehlmann, Fred P, Juju & Jordash, D-Man & rEAGENZ all feature alongside Benjamin Brunn. Building Bridges was recorded at reSource, Heidelberg between 1999-2019 except “One Small Step…” which was recorded at Thomas Fehlman’s Space in Berlin

This album initially started out as an entry for the Inside Out series on Aus – based around the idea of collaborations with his nearest and dearest but when David sent me the music and wrote a few new tracks there was such a cohesive, timeless feel to it as a body of work I decided that it had to be a stand alone artist album. These tracks have been written over a twenty year period and involve 6 people but it sounds like it was written in one sitting. This is testament to David’s creative aesthetic and the closeness of the relationship with his collaborators as a common feeling of warmth and smudged soul oozes out of every poor of this record. Will Saul

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A1. Move D – CyclesA2. Move D & Dman – InnitB1. Move D – DotsB2. Magic Mountain High – Tiny Fluffy SpacepodsC1. Move D – Dusted LinksC2. Reganez Meet Thomas Fehlmann – One Small StepD1. Move D & Fred P – Building BridgesD2. Perpetual State (Feat The Poem Alles Ist Eins by Thorn Hoedh)


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