Synesthesia (Without Sleeve)

Artist : Label : | AUA002 Styles : , Format : 12" colored vinyl, Limited Edition


(Without Sleeve).. Limited 200 blue transparent vinyl with silkscreen sleeve handprinted in Paris.

“Synesthesia” is the second release from A_A, the experimental live project of Satoshi Tomiie and Nao Gunji.

Since the first album last year the project has had a number of sessions and recorded countless improvisation jams. This release features 4 of those jams in different moods and styles.
Early support : Roger Gerressen, Louie Vega, D’julz and many more.

“The name stands for ABSTRACT_ARCHITECTURE, this represents its craft, sound and texture.”
Recorded completely live, A_A merges early house music production techniques with those of 20th century experimental music. Classic rhythm machines, samplers and synths reside side-by-side with various approaches such as Musique Concrète, Tape-Delay, Chance and Granular Synthesis through the usage of modular synths + some home-made stuff.


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# Track Title

A1. Parallel Movement


A2. Hypnagogia


B1. Jam #2


B2. Synesthesia

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