Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Artist(s): Label: | ATWT012 Style: Format: 2 x 12"

Unidentified Flying Phenomenon. The mystery…unsolved. The Others….are coming. Or have they been there all the time? We keep on looking outside, scared and excited. Who is the Other, who are we? An exciting adventure is about to begin toward that discovery both outward but above all inward.
Masomenos have always explored the parallel worlds with lightness and hope. Bringing in their universe all the humor and kindness they’ve met on their path. Their music, weird and intriguing for some, lively and trippy for others, is like an ongoing story told over more than 15 years of musical production. Their rounded boundary territory is inhabited by funny creatures, and mystical figures.
In this new opus, they surf the frontier between club sound and home listening, inviting friends over for the ride. Julien Quentin at the piano, Adrien Boisseau at the viola, and San Proper at vibe & vocals.


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