The Greenhouse Effect

ARTIST(S) Zefzeed
TITLE The Greenhouse Effect
LABEL Arria | ARRIA001
STYLES Minimal
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A1. Porto DeportaA2. Soy Sosage


Zefzeed was chosen to be the first artist to release at Arria, certifying his multi-dimensional artistic vision.
Porto Deporta takes over side A with a deep bass motif propelling forward – everything clicks
into place, making this piece a high definition 3D madness. Soy Sausage continues the journey with a stylish swagger and an irresistible groove, dotted with a chamber of indecipherable voice delays, while bright synths float across the driving beat.
Side B is spinning Koo, a track that combines functionality with musical playfulness, tumbling percussion and clouds of textures, while drawing on the kinetic energy.
Though his tunes are aimed squarely at clubs, they’re detailed, spacious and hypnotic too, a rare blend that make Arria-001 a slick dancefloor machine.

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