Pre Formal Audio

Artist(s): Label: | ANNO-005 Style: , Format: 12"

NYC don J Albert hashes a batch of dead blunted ambient dub-tech primitivism on Hank Jackson’s Anno label.

This lot feels like the loosest culmination of his killer work over the past few years for The Trilogy Tapes and his Exotic Dance Records, essentially regressing into sort of pre-linguistic hypnagogic states of ambient garage and breaks that works perfectly perpendicular to the likes of Actress, Ghostride The Drift and Ben Bondy.

To point out highlights, run check the cranky spannered breakstep of ‘Sahara Desert Dating App’ and let him treat you like a marionette with the 8 minutes of sloshing syncopation and hovering jazz chords in ‘Atabey’ or the irresistible, hair-kiss thizz of ’Skitter’ and scudding dub noise of ‘Dub on a Windy Day’ and you’ll know what to do.


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