Anomalía Magnética del Atlántico Sur

TITLE Anomalía Magnética del Atlántico Sur
LABEL Amorfo | AMOR002
STYLES Electro | Techno
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A1. Apologias Del FuturoA2. Ars MagmaB1. FonkyB2. Abrazo De Oso


The South Atlantic Anomaly (saa Or Amas En Español ) Is An Area Where The Earth’s Inner Van Allen Radiation Belt Comes Closest To The Earth’s Surface, Dipping Down To An Altitude Of 200 Kilometres. Amas Represents A Geographical Space In Earth Placing Uruguay At It’s Centre And It Also Means you Love’ En Español, Choosing This Title It’s A Homage To This Corner Of Earth And Its People. Four Dancefloor Tracks Crafted From The Heart Of Some Romantic Individuals With A Fair Dose Of Melancholy Delivered With Elegant Powerful Bass Lines And Endearing Melodys

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