Sideral Escape

Title Sideral Escape
Label | AMEN008
Styles , ,

Fresh from marking his return to wax with a limited edition dose of experimental jazz on 2 Headed Deer, Antonio Marini AKA Healing Force Project delivers a mini-album that joins the dots between that freewheeling style and his usual leftfield electronica, feverish ambient and mutilated techno. Compositionally, “Sideral Escape” is rather interesting, with Marini combining chopped and looped recordings of jazz instrumentation (double bass, drums, screeching guitars), with outer-space electronics, sparse drum machine beats, broken computer sounds and an impending sense of doom. It’s hard to accurately describe, let alone pigeonhole, but that’s no criticism; in fact, it’s what makes it such an intriguing and enjoyable listen.

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A1. Neural PartitioningA2. Aether DragA3. CloningB1. Mechanical Concept In The Mental FluidB2. UbulawuB3. Simotron


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