About Blank 008

Title About Blank 008
Label | AB008

Our resident JESSAMINE is making the serve and releases his first artist EP on our in-house label.

With its rough bassline and arpeggio, the title track flutes clearly focuses on the dance floor, moreover, it is not too fine for an emotional break either. dérive-the second track on the A-side-is a much more twisted, darker and trippier one, more suitable for the later hours on the lobby and similar intimate dancefloors.

As long-time friends of the club, MAP.ACHE and KASSEM MOSSE contributed fantastic remixes. While KASSEM MOSSES’s stille floeten remix comes along a little more stoic and therefore all the more hypnotic, MAP.ACHE’s interpretation of flutes is uplifting and a catchy tune as described in the books.

Agenda 2020 ://about blank-style.

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A1. FlutesA2. DeriveB1. Flutes (MAP.ACHE rework)B2. Flutes (KASSEM MOSSE Stille Floeten mix)


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