Serenity In The Woods

Title Serenity In The Woods
Label | AAR013

Albrecht La’Brooy’s Analogue Attic imprint welcomes Citizen Maze onto its roster with the four-track ‘Serenity In The Woods’ EP.

Australian duo Albrecht La’Brooy have been steadily carving out a name for themselves over the past few years with their jazz-inflected take on deep house via the likes of Apollo/R&S, Night Tide and of course their own Analogue Attic imprint which has become a home for their own output as well as fellow Australian artists like Sleep D, Rings Around Saturn and more. Here though we see the label offer up the inaugural EP from Melbourne’s Adam McCoy aka Citizen Maze.

Leading on the package is the ten-minute ‘Natural Playgroun’, embracing the labels signature field recording background aesthetic whilst stirring in organic drum grooves, fluttering pads and jazzy sax licks throughout.

‘Glade Hollow’ follows with bumpy, off-kilter drums and ethereal chords at its core whilst horn lines and twinkling synth melodies wander across its eight-minute duration.

‘Moonlight Sanctuary’ opens the flip-side, edging into darker territories with murky dubbed out synth flourishes, robust drums and tension building strings before title-track ‘Serenity In The Woods’ rounds out the package, laying focus on a snaking sub bass groove, metallic percussive shuffles and expansive atmospherics.

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A1. Moonlight SanctuaryA2. Serenity In The WoodsB1. Natural PlaygroundB2. Glade Hollow


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