Panama / Suez

Title Panama / Suez
Label | A-TONEP01
Styles ,

A-TON is proud to announce Panama / Suez, the first EP by trio Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger and Phillip Sollmann (aka Efdemin). The three multi-instrumentalists collaborated with the goal of creating subtly shifting musical passageways: sonic routes that run between continents of musical category. The results are two variations of kraut-y, groove-based post-techno that unfurl through mutating polyrhythms and chiming, ethereal guitar play – a rare moment of guitar and techno in deep embrace. With a potential to sustain energy on experimental dancefloors, Panama / Suez lives from Ambarchi, Sprenger and Sollmann’s diverse input while reflecting a common penchant for both pop and the hypnotic.

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