Local Slope Pros Only


Artist(s): Label: | 7777-014 Style: , Format: 12"


Yes, yes! Here’s a new Jared Wilson bomb on his own 7777 imprint – marking 11 years in the game and a slight shock to us when we reminded ourselves of its cult status! The dance polymath kicks off with “Everpressed”, a minimalistic drum machine nodder with subtle electro nuances, and “Local Slope Pros Only” follows up on that with yet more intricate bass waves and twisted percussion knots. “Roland 7 (Paris mix)” takes a turn into the deeper ends of the Chicago house sound, kicking off some heavy bass drums in the mix, while “BF2 (Traverse Bay)” lifts the spirits with a lil acid trickery, morphing and shifting with that inimitable 303 flair.

Coming Soon

Tracks List


A1. Everpressed

Jared Wilson


A2. Local Slope Pros Only

Jared Wilson


B1. Roland 7 (Paris Mix)

Jared Wilson


B2. BF2 (Traverse Bay)

Jared Wilson

Weight0,22 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 0,2 cm

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