DJ Deep opens our new "out store sessions" serie, a recording mixed in Cyril's own environnent with records selected from the store.

Words from DJ Deep:

“My weekly trips to the YOYAKU RECORD STORE and the releases of my Deep Moments records with Yoyaku’s distribution branch inspired this little summer mix. After playing House and Techno for 30 years or so, I am always hungry for discovering new styles and movements and Sebastien Belguise at the Yoyaku store is a great help for this! It’s so much fun meeting music lovers such as my many friends in the various Parisian record stores, whether that’s Syncrophone, Techno Import, Betino’s, Superfly or Heartbeat – all of them have their individual identity and it is true music lovers running them. Benjamin Belaga really gave me the freedom to experiment with my Deep Moments label. Both this mix and the label are feelings and emotions I get while being exposed to Yoyaku’s universe and how i translate them within and through my own culture. I hope you will like the mix! Cyril”


  1. Flabbergast « Jowane » [YOYAKU002]
  2. Dj Deep « Mindshift » [DRH059]
  3. Dewalta « Drift in the Void » [AKUVA03]
  4. Tofu Production « Soa » [PERLON122]
  5. Deep Moments Mattei [DPMT001]
  6. Janeret « Rear » [JOULE01]
  7. Deep Moments « Golden Ideas Dub » [DM003]
  8. How & Little « 909 Hangout » [CL 3002]
  9. Aleqs Notal – Lighten you up (Obsesion for Percussion) [SIS-ANOTAL2]
  10. Aleqs Notal – Lighten you up [SIS-ANOTAL2]
  11. Dep Moments « Survey » [DPMT002]
  12. Traumer « Waiting for the Sun » [Gettraum006]
  13. Unknown Artist – Track 1 [XOR4901]
  14. Flabbergast « Nowel » [YOYAKU002]
  15. Deep Moments « Golden Ideas main » [DPMT003]
  16. YYY金222 – A [YYY222]

The Following records are included in the mix: